Inspire Barber College

Grooming for Success

The college curriculum includes training and mentoring in completing resumes, job applications, interview preparation, professional attitudes and appearance guidelines

Inspire will also teach money management, marketing, business planning and customer service. These training will provide clientele building and retention in the work force.


Graduates who become licensed as Barbers have some of the following career opportunities available:

Platform Artist/Designer

TV/Motion Picture Hairstylist

Image Counselor

Hair Colorist

Fashion Photography Stylist

Photo shoot Barber

Product Representative


State Board Member/Inspector

Salon Manager

Our Mission

At Inspire Barber College our mission is to provide students with quality education that will encourage confidence and create freedom in the art and science of barbering.

We at inspire provides outlets and a safe haven for many teens whom had no or limited extracurricular activities, especially ones that would develop into a potentially lucrative career

The Barber Course consist of 9 months of barbering education or 24 weeks of a full time accelerated class. The first portion of education is devoted to classroom theory and practical learning. There students will acquire principals, technical information and professional practices.

The second portion of education is spent in clinic floor areas where students will gain hands-on experiences. The clinic floor provides students with the opportunity to put their barbering skills into practices as they work on paying clients under the supervision of an instructor.